The technical partner you can rely on

The technical partner you can rely on

Hello. My name is Alex

I founded Xfuturum in 2016 because I wanted small businesses and first-time founders to have a technical partner they could rely on. 5 years later, we work with both enterprise clients and small businesses, but we still have the same values.

Reliability. Individual approach. Expertise.

What our clients say

Bartolome R Bordallo
Bartolome R Bordallo 
Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO at Zignaly
These guys do know how to create MVPs
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Sandeep Chakravarty
Sandeep Chakravarty 
VP of Engineering at Legion Technologies
We get compliments for how well the UI is designed and implemented
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Luís Pedro Martins
We were impressed by their work ethic
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Nicholas Kramer
Nicholas Kramer 
Senior VP of Web at InnovatAR
We were extremely satisfied with our experience
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How can my team and I help you?

Custom software development

We build feature-rich, secure web applications for automating enterprise needs: online services, portals, workforce & knowledge management systems and social networks.

Latest tech, best security practices, mobile-first. All the good stuff.


Save time and money creating proof-of-concepts and MVPs with the look-and-feel of a market-ready product, bridging the gap between the idea stage and a product that is ready for the market.

We'll bootstrap an application with a modern technology stack for you, minimizing both the expenses and the time to market.

Tech debt elimination

Time to shift from a legacy system to a modern tech stack, huh? Fixing technical debt is hard. Migrating to a modern technology is harder. Doing it properly is even harder.

We've planned and successfully executed multiple complex, incremental migration plans, including enterprise-scale applications.

Performance Optimization

We help businesses improve web application performance: page loading time, client-side performance, bundle minification, custom caching solutions, etc.

Database optimization, Kibana dashboards, log analysis.


Let us help you set up all the best practices while being pragmatic about it.

I will personally help you with all the tech-related issues, and our friends & partners at Dgtlization will help you set up proper processes.

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